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Many people visiting Toronto do not venture to the Far East often, but if you want to spend some time in the bustling city, Ajax is a must for the holidays. No matter what the season or weather, it is always possible to have fun here. There are great golf courses in Ajax, but avid golfers will not be bored.

Deer Creek Golf Club is the best golf club in the region with two courses known throughout the province, but there are also many other great golf courses in Ajax, such as Deer Creek Country Club. If you want to play golf with your children, you should be able to contact the family-run Carruther Creek Golf and Country Club. There is even a golf course for children that you can play with your children at the same time, just a few blocks away.

The 27-hole course is divided into three nines, although tournaments are often used as a two-hole course with three holes in the middle and four holes on the left.

The nature reserve consists of a valley formed by a stream and a glacial lake, and the western part of the area is located in the valley, while the eastern part consists of a lake and its beach.

The large Lakeridge Resort offers space for skiers and snowboarders and has 23 slopes from beginners to professionals. The Dagmar Resort has some of the best snowboard and ski facilities in Canada and has one of the largest ski resorts in the world with a total area of 16,000 square meters.

There are cycling events that take place all year round, but there are also those that are fantastic for cyclists of all levels. There are a number of cycling events in the area, such as the Tour de France and the Canadian Cycling Championships, which take place every year.

In addition to the park and the Waterfront Trail, Ajax is also home to the Greenwood Conservation Area. Ajax's part of the trail runs through beautiful parkland that includes the Greenwood Wildlife Heritage Area and a number of other wildlife habitats. The trail is marked with hiking trails that bring hikers closer to the natural heritage of the area.

It is also connected to the Trans-Canada Trail, the longest recreational trail network in the world. The 740-kilometer Waterfront Trail runs from Niagara Lake east to Brockville and through Ajax. This area has a long history, as it was used as a retreat by horse thieves in the late 19th century.

The extensive indoor market is not actually a restaurant, but a shopping centre with its own food truck. It was a backyard hobby, and founder Matt Wilson made it a dream with the help of his wife and two sons. The restaurant bears the same name as neighbouring Pickering's, as does a nearby grocery store.

Although this relaxed town is located directly on Lake Ontario, has a rich culture and numerous hiking trails, there is so much more to discover. You can reach pretty much any part of Ajax by visiting the area and enjoying the countryside, or rent a bike from all over the city and enjoy cycling. While I enjoyed the Ajax part of the way, I was more than happy to wander through Veteran's Point Gardens and enjoy the view from the lion's point of view.

The beach is public because there are many vacation homes in the area that belong to well - to - do Toronto people. There are also benches near the water where visitors can sit and relax and enjoy part of the landscape.

Welcome Walk - to : We spent our Sunday watching the Toronto Maple Leafs game against the New York Yankees on the screen. Every Sunday it is open from 11 am to 4 pm and children (no one older than 15 years) can play for free.

Take a stroll around the city and enjoy the beautiful views of the Toronto skyline, the harbor and the city of Toronto. Look out the window and enjoy views of Lake Ontario and Toronto's skyline, as well as the downtown skyline.

There is a village community centre in the town hall, which includes a community centre, a library and a café, as well as a children's playground. Endless Fun offers a variety of activities for children, from arts and crafts to music, art, dance and more. The community centre also has an outdoor area with a pool, picnic area, playgrounds, an indoor playground and even a bowling alley.

There are many shops in Ajax, but the best place to shop when returning is Pickering Town Centre. The mall has 200 stores, including some well-known international brands such as Canada's largest grocery store, Loblaw's, as well as a variety of specialty stores. Head to the Heber Down Conservation Area, located east of Ajax in neighbouring Whitby.

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