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Schools in the Durham area have reopened their doors to students and our talented Community Resource Development team, who have worked very hard to keep residents informed throughout the day, have created an infographic that highlights the impact of COVID on the health and safety of students and their families. The Department of Health has developed the Schools Reopening toolkit to provide teachers and parents with access to resources to support safe reopening and to respond to concerns related to the 19 schools in COID.

This report provides information on confirmed cases in the Durham region, explains relevant terminology and provides information on how public health analyses and uses this information. The new dashboard includes lab-confirmed flu cases, reported child care facilities and school boards. Users can now easily filter by age, gender, location, age group, education, race / ethnicity, gender and gender identity. This report explains the impact of COVID on the health and safety of children and families in the Durham region, including the way in which this information is analysed and used by public health.

Users can now filter by interactive maps, particularly by health neighbourhood, to see information on the health and safety of children and families in the Durham region and the impact of COVID.

These indicators will allow users to see whether the Durham region is meeting or approaching targets and whether or not they are meeting these targets.

The data tracker now also has monitoring indicators showing how well Durham is performing in terms of the number of emergency room visits, hospital admissions and visits by residents. Individual cases in schools, students or staff not connected to the outbreak have not been reported on this page. Information about individual cases is recorded in the Data Tracker together with the case numbers. The "red" classification means that a resident has been visited more than once in the last 12 months, with an average visit per week of 1.5.

Public health measures are listed for drinking water, food and beverage institutes, performing arts institutions, schools, hospitals and other public facilities. Certain high-risk locations and activities cannot be opened as there is a risk of large crowds gathering and the proper cleaning and hygiene required to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will be maintained. Restrictions apply to events in public places such as public parks, playgrounds, parks and leisure facilities, and schools.

It can sometimes be difficult to pay attention to your eating habits when you spend more time at home, but it can require some planning about what you eat and cooking healthier and more nutritious meals. When shopping at the grocery store, remember to buy plenty of fruits and vegetables, choose whole grains and choose protein foods from plant sources more often. There are also household and household recipes - smart recipes for cooking that can help low-income residents during this time. Public institutions are safe even when they are under-utilised, and it is easy to exercise physical detachment.

Durham County Health Department advises that those showing symptoms of COVID-19 should contact their local health care provider. If you think you or someone you know is in contact with CO VID-19, or would like to learn more about the early stages of the disease and its treatment options, please visit its website. The Department of Health has also created downloadable resources such as signs and flyers that businesses and services can use to help them plan and understand the requirements for reopening services and facilities.

If you are ill, stay at home if you have mild symptoms or symptoms and stay away from people you know or who are in your area. If you have symptoms, please stay at home and avoid traveling as much as possible, including going out while you are sick or have symptoms. If your symptoms are worsening, you should seek a clinical assessment by doing an online self-assessment or contacting your local health care provider or Durham County Health Board.

Open Whitby is a new online service available only to all residents of Durham County, Ontario, Canada. It is open to business and you can search for local business categories and addresses to find a variety of available options. See how the company you are with provides services, whether it is a curb collection, curb collection or if you do not know it online.

While we work to restore all our programs and services, COVID-19 remains a priority. Building on the positive feedback we have received from our community partners through our Data Tracker, the Department of Health will release a Flu Tracker starting September 26, providing information on the current flu outbreak in Durham County, Ontario, Canada. In addition to the latest information seven days a week, we will also continue the weekend updates of the Data Tracker. We are updating the infographic highlighting the impact of the flu virus on our communities and the health and well-being of residents and visitors.

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