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Residents of Ajax's Lakeside Community gather for an Easter egg hunt in the neighborhood. In the mid-1940s, there was virtually no shopping, but in the 1970s, numerous shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and other shops were built. In the early 1980s, the southern part of an Ajax area was extensively developed, and large upscale residential units were built along the Lake Driveway.

In 2001, Ajax Transit and the neighbouring Pickering Transit merged to form Ajax - Pickered Transit Authority (APTA), which operates under the joint supervision of Ajax and Pickering. This led to bus services from 2002, with Charterways Transportation Limited operating the service with a fleet of school buses and a joint venture between the two transit companies and the City of Ajax and a partnership with the provincial government.

Ajax is governed by an elected city council, made up of local councils representing the three boroughs. A constituency was created in 2003, comprising Ajax - Pickering - Ajax East, Ajax West and Ajax North. The 57.6% of the population in equestrian sport comes from the three station areas Ajax East, South and West. If you are in this area, you may want to visit the following places: The Ajax City Hall, the Ajax Public Library or the Ajax Community Centre.

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On this page you will find a list of medical travel clinics in Ajax, which are organized according to the proximity to the center of Ajax. Some of these clinics may be located outside Ajax, some in the surrounding region, and some clinics are presented in this order due to their proximity to and outside the centers of Amsterdam. The travel clinic in the Ajax area is one of our most popular travel clinics for travel vaccinations. People living in or near Ajax and its surroundings are fortunate to receive their travel vaccinations and other medical services from our travel doctors.

For the purposes of this report, the geographical coordinates of Ajax are 1.5 miles north - east of the city center and 2 miles south - west of Amsterdam. The topography within 2 miles in Ajax has only a slight difference in altitude.

The growing season in Ajax lasts 5.7 months and 173 days and rarely starts from April 10 to May 18 and ends between September 30 and November 4. The first spring blooms of Ajax appear in April or May due to the growing degree days alone, but they rarely appear in the summer months. The clear part of the year starts for Ajax on May 30, lasts 5 - 0 months and ends on October 28. The sky is cloudy from June 1 to August 31.

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